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Advisors and Volunteers

RJI Advisors

Susan Abraham, New York Law School (ad hoc advisor)
David Condliffe, Center for Community Alternatives (Programming)
Dana Schneider, ioby (Fundraising)
Ashley Ellis, B.R.E.A.T.H.E. Circles (ad hoc advisor)
David Fletcher, Lehman College (Programming)
Erika Sasson, Center for Court Innovation (ad hoc advisor)
Weishin K. Huang, ioby (ad hoc advisor)
Brenda McKinney, New York City Council (Programming)
Sethu Nair, Center for Creative Conflict Resolution (ad hoc advisor)
Shari Silberstein, Equal Justice USA (ad hoc advisor)
Maria R. Volpe, CUNY Dispute Resolution Center (ad hoc advisor)
Aliya Latif, PeaceBuild 360 (ad hoc advisor)

ImRJI Volunteers

Jessica Laus is development professional and graduate of the London School of Economics with over ten years of volunteer experience in the fields of historical preservation, education, and social justice. She was first introduced to restorative practices at a small Quaker school in Detroit, and she is most interested in how RJ can work to build communities and mitigate involvement with the criminal justice system, particularly for women and youth. She lives in Newark, NJ.

Anabel de Castro is a professional pianist-organist from Baltimore, MD and a graduate student at the Silberman School of Social Work. Her interest in the theory of restorative justice and desire to be a part of the movement led her to volunteer for RJI in 2016. With the assistance of RJI, she completed an introductory Peacemaking Circle Training with Kay Pranis.

Jennie Eber has been volunteering with RJI since early 2017. She assists with prospect research and grant writing. Jennie is deeply committed to social justice and working to make the world a better place, one step at a time. She has a Master’s in Public Administration and currently lives in Philadelphia, PA.

Kate Styer is a design thinker and cross-sector professional, with a background in fundraising and communications in the nonprofit and higher-education sectors. Growing up in a Mennonite family, restorative justice was embedded in her worldview from an early age. She recently completed her MFA in Interaction Design at the School of Visual Arts, where her thesis work focused on redesigning digital conversational spaces through the lens of restorative justice.

Header Photo by Maurice Pinzon