Our Mission and Vision


Restorative Justice Initiative (RJI) is a citywide, multi-sector network of practitioners, advocates and community members seeking to increase support for, and access to, restorative justice approaches for all New Yorkers.

Our Vision

When embraced more broadly, restorative justice and restorative practices will build empathy, restore dignity, enable healing, and strengthen communities as we strive toward a just society in which all lives have equal value.

We currently see that restorative practices are poised to become a more mainstream practice in New York City’s criminal justice sector, schools, neighborhoods, and communities.

Our vision is that restorative justice will be widely recognized as an effective, evidence-based alternative to retributive criminal justice policies and punitive school discipline, capable of reducing violence and fostering public safety.

We believe that…

  • All life is interconnected, and injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere
  • Positive relationships thrive among both children and adults when their social and emotional needs are met
  • Justice is more likely to be achieved when the response to crime focuses on the resulting harm to human relationships rather than on the rules that were broken
  • Each of us is more than the worst thing we have ever done
  • Justice requires listening and responding to the needs of victims of crime, involving them in the process of making things right, and supporting their healing journey
  • All victims of crime should have access to restorative processes upon request, and all involved parties be given meaningful, non-coercive choice whether to participate
  • Supporting the needs of offenders and removing barriers to successful reentry should go together with requiring offenders to accept responsibility for harm caused and make appropriate amends / reparations

Do you agree?

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Header Photo by Maurice Pinzon