Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Restorative Justice Initiative is building a community of New Yorkers who reflect the diversity of our city to expand healing and non-punitive responses to harm at the personal, neighborhood and systemic levels.

Our Vision

Restorative Justice Initiative envisions a city in which justice is seen as effective when it centers healing, builds stronger communities and promotes individual and institutional accountability, and when everyone has access to prevention and healing from interpersonal and systemic harm.

Our Values

  • Equity
  • Radical Inclusion
  • Interdependence
  • Compassion
  • Racial Equity & Justice
  • Shared power
  • Transformation
  • Absolute Acceptance

What We Do

  • We champion effective, transformative, non-punitive responses to harm and community-based healing practices across sectors.
  • We convene restorative justice practitioners and create space to build relationships, learn from each other, and lift up multiple voices as experts on restorative justice. 
  • We connect those who have experienced and caused harm with resources to support the work of healing. 
  • We communicate information and opportunities that uplift restorative justice.

How We Do Our Work

At the core of our vision for social change through restorative approaches is the centrality of relationships. RJI helps to lay the groundwork for a cultural shift from punishment and retribution to healing in New York City’s neighborhoods and systems by nurturing relationships among practitioners and advocates.  We also distribute resources to strengthen practice and promote ongoing learning, and facilitate strategic planning. 

Although restorative justice is often placed in a “criminal justice reform” or “school climate” box, its philosophy—which is based on indigenous spiritual beliefs and practices—goes to the heart of how we live and work together in community, building trust and understanding. Restorative justice processes give voice to those directly impacted by harm, and encourage deep listening across differences; these restorative processes encourage storytelling that illustrates the complex, and sometimes contradictory realities of our lives. 

Our Operating Principles: 

  1. All life is interconnected.
  2. We value and center relationships.
  3. We value and center authentic self-reflection. 
  4. We treat all people as capable of healing and transformation.
  5. We believe that harm occurs on both interpersonal and systemic levels and must be addressed on both.
  6. We center and champion conditions that invite people to take accountability for harm. 
  7. We see restorative justice as part of a larger movement toward a healthier, safer city. 

Who We Work With

RJI works with people interested in Restorative Justice across NYC’s 5 boroughs, including: 

  • People living and/or working in NYC & NY metro region
  • RJ Practitioners 
  • RJ Advocates
  • Philanthropists
  • Community organizers
  • Community based organizations
  • NYC Government agencies 
  • Educators
  • Lawyers
  • Social Workers
  • Healers
  • Parents 
  • Youth


  • Faith Community & Clergy
  • Families
  • Survivors of violence
  • Individuals who have caused harm
  • Returning citizens
  • School administrators and staff

Do you agree?

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Header Photo by Maurice Pinzon