Practitioner Spotlight – Ish Orkar

Feb 9, 2024 | In Their Own Words, News and Updates

Every few months we feature an interview with a restorative practitioner to uplift the folks doing the work on the ground in our communities, highlight original and emerging applications for restorative justice, and provide a better understanding of restorative practices as applied in different contexts. This month’s guest is Ish Orkar!

“…I do this work because I want others to create those spaces for themselves. That to me, is so important in sustaining this work is feeling like there’s a place where you can go. Where you don’t have to pretend to be the expert, where you can bring all the questions, where you can bring the insecurities and the doubts, and someone is just there to listen.”

 Listen to the conversation below or read the transcript!


Practitioner Spotlight Ep. 5 - Ish Orkar

by Restorative Justice Initiative