Practitioner Spotlight – Martin Urbach

Nov 21, 2023 | In Their Own Words, Podcasts and Other Media

Every few months we feature an interview with a restorative practitioner to uplift the folks doing the work on the ground in our communities, highlight original and emerging applications for restorative justice, and provide a better understanding of restorative practices as applied in different contexts. This month’s guest is Martin Urbach!

“…Restorative justice has been practiced in Black and Indigenous communities for a long, long, long, long time. Even before colonization got here, right? And so there’s different epistemologies that inform this work, but if we are not rooted, we have chances of continuing the cycle of oppression and actually continuing upholding these oppressive systems.”

Listen to the conversation below or read the transcript on our website!

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Practitioner Spotlight Ep. 4 - Martin Urbach

by Restorative Justice Initiative