Practitioner Spotlight – John Ducksworth

Jul 19, 2023 | In Their Own Words, Podcasts and Other Media

Every few months we feature an interview with a restorative practitioner to uplift the folks doing the work on the ground in our communities, highlight original and emerging applications for restorative justice, and provide a better understanding of restorative practices as applied in different contexts. This month’s guest is John Ducksworth! 

“Learn the practices and principles. Don’t make the mistake of believing that restorative justice is solely about circle keeping. Okay. Restorative practice is about healing harm, healing the hurt from when harm has been committed. So one, I would say, begin to realize if you want to get into this work, recognize that it’s not about circles.”


Listen to the conversation below or read the transcript on our website!


Practitioner Spotlight Ep. 3 - John Ducksworth

by Restorative Justice Initiative