Practitioner Spotlight – Cecilia B. Loving

Feb 22, 2023 | In Their Own Words, Podcasts and Other Media

Welcome to our new Practitioner Spotlight! Every few months we will feature an interview with a restorative practitioner to uplift the folks doing the work on the ground in our communities, highlight original and emerging applications for restorative justice, and provide a better understanding of restorative practices as applied in different contexts. First up, we have Cecilia B. Loving!

“…it’s a process and it’s about being patient, about someone’s receptivity to it, about opportunities to do it. But they will show up and as long as you are focused and steadfast – it will continue to unfold and then you’ll be a creative vehicle and vessel for it.”

Listen to the conversation below and read the transcript here!

For more of Cecilia’s wisdom, she has written several books in multiple formats. You can find them on her author profile.

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Practitioner Spotlight Episode 1 - Cecilia B. Loving

by Restorative Justice Initiative