Storytelling for Collective Healing

Nov 2, 2022 | Events and Learning Opportunities, News and Updates

Dear Friends!

We are looking for your help in nominating outstanding storytellers and artists for a unique opportunity. 

Restorative Justice Initiative and Conspiring for Good are collaborating on a creative endeavor, “Storytelling for Collective Healing.” We are reaching out to invite you to recommend potential participants.  


We are looking for: 

  1. Up to five people who have a personal story they want to share publicly that addresses themes related to personal transformation, taking accountability for harm, and healing and rebuilding relationships in the wake of conflict or harm.  These people will want to work on developing their stories and collaborating with an artist to share their story in a medium of their choice.


  2. Up to five artists who are interested in using their chosen medium to amplify and provide both nuance and mass appeal for these stories.


  3. A videographer with a passion for social media to help promote aspects of the project.


The ideal participants will understand that:

  1. The project will be iterative so participants should be comfortable with co-creation and shifting expectations.


  2. The purpose of this project is to develop creative content that will shift perspectives on justice, accountability and healing among people who might be new to restorative justice concepts.


  3. The stories and the artwork will be dynamic and shifting during the program, and be shared widely after its completion. 


We want to be tender with each other, with our stories, and with the work of our artists. We hope to move at the pace of trust with this program and build a space that not only creates art together but does so with an ethic of care and consideration for one another and our work.

Here is what we imagine the commitment and timeline will likely look like: 

Deadline of Application

December 9, 2022

Selection of Participants by an Advisory Committee

January 2023

Weekly 2.5 hour evening workshops in person and virtual with full cohort of artists and storytellers

March 2023

Paired and Individual Work

April 2023

Cohort Share and Feedback

May 2023

Public Share

June 2023


June 2023 and beyond


Storytellers and artists will be paid a 50% lump-sum at the beginning of their participation in the project, and reimbursed for the remainder of their time upon completion. Artists’s stipends will not exceed $4,500 and storyteller’s stipend will not exceed $2,500. 


To nominate someone, fill out this form on our website

To apply directly, fill out this form on our website here


With anticipation, 

Amy Ellenbogen, Anooj Bhandari and Mika Dashman