Dylan Marron’s TED Talk

Sep 4, 2019 | News and Updates, Not Quite RJ But Related

Empathy is not Endorsement

As a follow-up to our recent post about an episode from On the Media called “How to Fix the Internet” we want to share a related TED Talk by Dylan Marron. Marron is a writer, performer and video maker.

He has racked up millions of views for online projects like “Every Single Word” and “Sitting in Bathrooms With Trans People” — but he’s found that the flip side of success on the internet is hate.

Over time, he’s developed an unexpected coping mechanism: calling the people who leave him insensitive comments and asking a simple question: “Why did you write that?”

In a thoughtful talk about how we interact online, Marron explains how sometimes the most subversive thing you can do is actually speak with people you disagree with, not simply at them. 

While he doesn’t use the term “restorative justice” to describe his work, Marron illustrates a key concept in restorative practice, that approaching someone who has caused harm with curiosity and respect doesn’t necessarily mean you’re condoning their actionsYou can view his TED talk here.

You can learn more about, and subscribe to his podcast, “Conversations with People Who Hate Me,” here.