The Practices We Need: #metoo and Transformative Justice

May 10, 2019 | News and Updates, Podcasts and Other Media

On their podcast, How to Survive the End of the World, Autumn Brown and adrienne maree brown spoke with Mariame Kaba about community accountability, transformative justice, and the #metoo Movement. Kaba is an organizer, educator, curator, founder and director of Project NIA. 

She defines transformative justice as a framework for peoples’ ability to get on a path towards healing alongside an organizing strategy for trying to get at the roots of violence. In relation to the #metoo Movement, she considers it a way to understand the ways in which various forms of violence shape our lives and notes that it shows how deeply enmeshed we all are in the very systems we’re organizing to transform. 

She recounts how she began practicing transformative justice with those who have caused harm. She explains her political commitment to transformative processes and transforming relationships.

“Everything is about the relationship–that is the unit that matters here, is the relationship that we build with each other that allows us to build trust over time so that I’m accompanying you and you’re coming along until you are able to… get to your point where you’re like, I’m ready to be on my road to healing now.”

To listen to the full podcast, CLICK HERE.

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